Fantastic 4 Fat Burning Exercises


With these 4 exercises you'll be able to burn more fat and build more lean muscle than traditional exercises. All you need are a pair of dumbbells for these exercises, and of course because of that you can do them practically anywhere. These Fantastic 4 exercises are actually combination lifts that combine different elements of… Read more →

St. Valentine’s Day Leg Massacre Workout

st. valentines day leg massacre workout

Hate it or love it Valentine's Day is here, and to celebrate I'm delivering to you via special delivery my Leg Massacre Workout. "Leg Day" is by far my favorite training day of the week. Leg Day and I have a love/hate relationship by that I mean I love training my legs but then again… Read more →

Bodyweight “Dirty Thirty” Workout

bodyweight dirty thirty workout

It's Workout Wednesday and I'm back with another bodyweight workout that you can use to get a quick workout in. I was working pretty intensely the other day without much time or inclination to go to the gym so I whipped up this "Dirty Thirty" workout. I hope your New Years Resolutions are going strong… Read more →

Quick Workout That Burns Fat Fast

quick workout

Who doesn't want a quick workout they can do in a minimal amount of time to burn fat, build muscle and that'll make them look hotter? Time is deathly precious these days, and most people's idea of a fast workout means hopping on the elliptical for 10 or 15 minutes. Now, that workout is unquestionably… Read more →

Intense Kettlebell Metabolic Workout Finisher

kettlebell finisher

So we had just finished an intense workout that left both of us dripping in sweat and panting like a hot dog (not the food) when I dropped the bomb on him. My friend Corey came up to me assuming the workout was all over, but his demeanor changed rapidly when I told him we… Read more →

Jump Rope Workout that Burns Fat Fast


Would you believe I am the worst jump roper in the world? I don’t know what the deal is but for some reason my genetics have unfortunately declined me of any skills related in the jump roping realm. It’s really a shame too because it’s such an awesome tool that you can easily take anywhere… Read more →

Stability Ball Abs Workout

stability ball abs workout

I’m back in action today with a new workout video designed to be used with a stability ball. Considering my last workout video was well over a few months ago this one was long overdue. I’m hoping to keep these workout videos coming if you guys like them enough. The stability ball is a good… Read more →

Why This Is The 10 Minute Workout You Need To Do

10 minute bodyweight workout

To quote the film Dodgeball, "if you can catch a wrench you can catch a ball," and for our purposes if you have 10 minutes you can have a great workout. Now, 10 minutes isn't very long for a workout by any means, but I'll always pick a short workout over no workout at all… Read more →

5 Bodyweight Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

exercises to lose belly fat

httpvh://… Read more →

The Apocalypse Workout


If you’re reading this by now then there’s a good chance (according to the Mayans) the world is on it’s way to the apocalypse. Hopefully this will not deter you from the joy of the holiday season, but if you’re like me then I’m sure you’ll be hoping to get in one more workout before… Read more →