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Hey there, hope you're doing awesome and you're killing your fat loss and lean muscle building workouts. As you probably know I'm an advocate for a certain style of training then most traditional fitness trainers.  Maybe it's because I tried all that stuff before and I wasn't happy with the results I had gotten or… Read more →

5 Food Swaps That Kill Belly Fat Fast


Wowzers! I just got back from the grocery store, Whole Foods and nearly broke the bank.  I haven't bought any groceries in a while because I've been traveling so much (Florida and Vegas), so I was WAY overdo for some food stocking. Want to know what I bought from the grocery store?  Sorry, but insider… Read more →

Natural Fat Loss Tools – Vision Boards and Meditating

I remember in elementary school when we would create collages in class with all the stuff that we liked and represented.  The teacher would bring in stacks and stacks of magazines and we would go away cutting out all the cool stuff and organizing it on a huge piece of poster paper. I wish I… Read more →

21 Sure Fire Ways To Stay Fat

So I'm still recovering from having dinner at the world renown "The French Laundry" and it was easily the best fine dining experience of my life. It was all about indulging and forgetting about dieting and training.  Which is something I really need to focus on every once in a while.  It's so hard to… Read more →

You Know You’re Dehydrated When…

I know that dehydration isn't at the top of your list for most interesting subjects to do a blog post on but being properly hydrated can literally "make or break" your training. In most adults the percentage water makes up our body is around 60% and while we can live for weeks without food, we… Read more →

3 Awesome High Protein Packed Snacks

I know it's really tough to eat good when we're always on the move.  If you're like most people then you're probably super busy and don't always have time to eat every 3 hours like we're supposed to. But that's ok, I always call my 5 "meals" a day, "feedings" instead.  Because I really want… Read more →

212 Degrees – It’s that ONE Extra Degree that makes all the difference.

“Some people say motivation doesn’t stick. Well either does a shower-that’s why we advise you to take one everyday.” - Zig Ziglar Today I wanted to share with you a little motivational film, 212 degrees, that always gets me inspired up to take my game  to the next level. I was first given the book… Read more →

7 Simple Tips to Build Muscle Fast

A lot of us are can get really clueless when it comes to building muscle and the benefits of it. Too many women are afraid they'll get bulky big muscles and most guys don't really know what they're doing (They just read  the latest Muscle and Fiction magazine). I wish everybody knew that building muscle… Read more →

The 7 Dumbest Things I See People Doing In The Gym

Being a personal trainer in general usually means I'll be spending a lot of time in the gym whether I like it or not. And to be honest I don't know everything and don't think I know everything. But sometimes I see people doing the dumbest or weirdest things imaginable. These dumb things happen in… Read more →

The Real Deal on Energy Drinks

I'm going to take a stand today against energy drinks and how badly they've taken over America. For those who don't know what energy drinks are (where have you been?) they defined as "soft drinks advertised as boosting energy. These drinks usually do not emphasize energy derived from the calories they contain,but rather through a choice of caffeine… Read more →