How to Get Your Biceps Bigger Fast

In this workout I’m giving you a perfect recipe that will help get your biceps bigger and so we’re not hanging out with the turtles I’m going to show you how to do it fast.

Having a great pair of biceps is often coveted by a lot of guys who want to get rid of their skinny spaghetti arms and instead have a pair of rock hard arms.

The key with training your arms and more specifically your biceps is that you can only train them so hard and so far before your doing more damage than good.  You don’t have to train your arms 3+ times a week to have a great pair of guns.

We’re also going to be focusing much more on quality over quantity. So just because you’re stacking plates on your barbell curls doesn’t mean your getting as good as results as a guy going half that weight but has great form.

Remember to keep your arms and your biceps strict so they aren’t swinging and be sure to leave your ego at the door.  Practically all the growth that occurs in your biceps will happen while you’re resting and not while your in the gym training your biceps for 2 hours.

In this biceps training program I’m recommending you only do this workout 2 times a week and if you’re just training your biceps than it should take more than a half hour tops.  And to be completely honest then I wouldn’t just train arms on any particular day but since I know you want the best results than training them on your “off” days would be the best course of action.

You can also easily incorporate parts of this workout into your regular training program to add more size to your biceps.  If you want bigger arms overall be sure to train all three heads of the triceps as they take up around 2/3rds of you arms circumference.

Ok and now here’s the workout….

A1:  Barbell Eccentric Curls (1 second up / 3 seconds coming down) 3×12

A2:  Barbell Cheat Curls 3×10

B1:  Half-Way Dumbbell Curls (3×7,7,7)

B2: Chins (3×10)

B3: SuperBand Quick Curls (3×30)

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