Fat Melting Metabolic Acceleration Workout

Hey Trainer Josh readers!

New fat burning video that gives you a great little workout to get that heart rate moving & get some calories burning! Throw this workout in the next time you get a sweat on & I guarantee you’ll feel the afterburn effect. These interval workouts have been proven to burn 900% more calories then doing the boring treadmill stuff…and you’ll get it done WAY faster. To find out more on Alwyn Cosgrove check out his site http://www.alwyncosgrove.com

Another great workout by the Napa Valley’s #1 Personal Trainer!

Reverse Gliding Lunge (Left Leg) – 30sec.
Reverse Gliding Lunge (Right Leg) – 30sec.
Rest – 30sec.

Kettlebell Goblet Squats – 30sec.
Kettlebell Swings – 30sec.
Rest – 30sec.

SB Knee Tuck/Push-Ups – 30sec.
SB Hip Bridge/Leg Curl – 30sec.
Rest – 30sec.

Perform 3-6 rounds of each couplet of exercises…here we go baby!

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