workout mistakes

5 Embarrassing Workout Mistakes Making You Fat

One of the biggest reasons most people are hesitant to join a gym in the first place is because they’re either…

A. Think they’re so fat they’ll embarrass themselves
B. Have absolutely no clue what they’re doing

As for the first one if you’re embarrassed about how you’re looking right now then I’d suggest getting started at home or go to the gym on the off-hours before you’re ready to make your grand entrance.

As for the second part I’m going to show you 5 of the biggest mistakes holding you back from getting results in the gym. A lot of the time I just have to shake my head when I see people doing these because they’re practically wasting their time, and have absolutely no clue.

workout mistakes

1. Reading – In my mind there’s nothing sillier than doing cardio while reading a book. Sure, that recumbent bike looks might comfy. So comfy it’s tempting to read a book while you’re on it at a leisurely pace. I wouldn’t recommend reading while you’re working out because it’ll not only be a distraction, but it’ll also keep you from exerting your maximum effort if you’re wondering what’s going to happen next to Harry Potter. So unless you want me to get you a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate I’d suggest leaving the book at home.

2. Not Eating Before – Many times when I first start training a client they’ll show up not having eaten anything almost all day. Usually some wild excuse comes flying out like, “I didn’t want to eat because I didn’t want to get bloated before the workout.” Well, I’m not saying you should go to Denny’s and eat the Grand Slam Breakfast, but you definitely should eat something healthy and light 30-90 minutes before working out. It’ll give you energy as well as keep you from wanting to pass out during the workout.

3. Working Out Too Long – Sometimes I’ll go workout and after training a couple clients I’ll see the same guy still working out when I first got there. I almost thought he was a new employee. Unless you’re an athlete or bodybuilder you really don’t need to be working out that long. If you’re doing the high intensity interval training like I recommend then you should be in-and-out of the gym in 45-60 minutes. But if you’re really set on working out longer try breaking up the workout into different sessions throughout the day.

4. Set In Your Routine – The majority of us are creatures of habit and it’s way to tempting to get stuck-in-a-rut doing the same workout over and over. First off, I’ll admit it’s difficult enough finding a workout that fits you only to have to switch it up soon afterwards. The truth is your body is going to adapt to that same workout very quickly, and soon enough you’ll practically be wasting your time. Instead, try mixing up your sets, reps, tempo, exercise order and rest periods to give your body a “shock” into burning some fat.

5. “If you’re not sore then it’s not working” mindset – Just because your body isn’t sore from training doesn’t mean your workout is garbage. Most of us associate soreness with an intense yet effective workout, and this is true to some degree. But to this rationale all you have to do to kill fat is to fall down a flight of stairs (I’m sure you’ll be sore after that). Although, there are other factors that you need to know before keeping this “soreness is all” mindset. Soreness could also mean you’re not giving your body enough time to recover. Or the soreness could mean one of your joints is about to snap off. Instead of soreness look at how much you’re challenging yourself during the workout. If you don’t get pushed outside your comfort zone then that’s when I’d start to worry.

These are just a handful of fitness mistakes I thought of on the top of my head. Don’t ever let the fear of embarrassing yourself keep you from working out.

I didn’t know everything starting off, and I still don’t, but we all make mistakes along the way. The trick is learning from them instead of running away from them.

Create greatness,


“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same on a second time.” – George Bernard Shaw

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    Trainer Josh where did you get those awesome nikes from?


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