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Hey there, hope you’re doing awesome and you’re killing your fat loss and lean muscle building workouts.

As you probably know I’m an advocate for a certain style of training then most traditional fitness trainers.  Maybe it’s because I tried all that stuff before and I wasn’t happy with the results I had gotten or this kind of training just resonated with me better.  I’m not sure which is the reason why I went down this less traveled path but I can assure you that it was one of the best decisions I ever did.

See I hated being 39 lbs. overweight and pounding down Big Macs before AND after my workouts.  Come to think of it I’m surprised I didn’t get fatter while doing that stuff.  Eventually after reading all those bodybuilding magazines I decided to try something different and stumbled upon the high intensity interval training techniques that I use today.  I’ve also stayed up WAY too many nights researching the best nutrition methods for permanent fat loss while also building some lean muscle.

I was getting such awesome results and people in the gym were all asking me my secret but to me it wasn’t really a secret.  I had took the time to figure out what really worked and stopped listening to all the so-called “gurus” out there who wanted me to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger (Sorry Arnold but it ain’t gonna happen)…this mindset alone led me on the path to where I am today and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Looking for a transformation?

Today I’m able to share all of this knowledge with my clients and I’m getting ready to release my exclusive Inner Circle soon (more on that later).  When I went to college I pretty much signed up for Biochemistry as my degree because heck I was pretty smart but also because I thought it would be interesting.  Turns out biochemistry is pretty darn boring and always found myself having a ton of fun helping people out with training and getting their “fat-free” body.

I’m not only a GINORMOUS  fan of fat loss and muscle building training but I feel really fortunate to be in position where I can change peoples lives.  Most people absolutely hate their job and have to sit around in an office and stare at a computer all day.  I never take my clients for granted and I appreciate the opportunity that I have to change their life for the better.

And to be honest, it was kind of hard for me to pick this rapid fat loss stuff up at first probably because I had been brainwashed with years and years of all the B.S. bodybuilding junk out there.  But one day everything just seemed to click for me and if I can do it then there’s not a doubt in mind that you can do it too.

Okay, now on to the fat loss blueprint for lean body transformation domination…

As you can see there’s a heck of a lot of components that are involved for extreme fat loss.  If you’re missing any one of those different key fat loss components then you will NOT get the permanent fat loss results.  I’m going to go over all of these different components for you so you get a good feel for how important it is and how to bring it in to your own fat loss journey.

1. Progressing Workouts for Fat Loss and Muscle Building.

It’s going to very very important to keep progressing your own workouts while also varying them up to keep getting results.  One of the biggest mistakes I see people doing is they keep doing the same damn workout day in and day out.  And what’s even more shocking is that they keep doing it even after it stops working!  Ever hear that saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?

Those who are just beginning their journey are going to have to do different progressions (or styles of exercises) for the level and as the weeks go by they also need to keep challenging their bodies by strategically altering their workouts so they can keep confusing their nervous system into getting results.  Most people will do the same workout month after month but I go so far as to recommend changing up the workout weekly.

2. Nutrition Rules.

You can’t out train a bad diet, unless your one of the 3% of people who can eat whatever they want and still be lean then (I hate those guys).  To put it simply, proper nutrition is going to make up 70-80% of your overall results.  And you can workout until the end of time but if you can’t follow the fat loss nutrition rules then you’re going to be outta luck.

In my new Inner Circle program I’ll also be giving my super simple nutrition rules that will get you the most results while not making things overly complicated.  Also I’m putting in monthly meal plans for both men and women to follow for maximal results.  But if you’re looking to get started right this second, then I would start by eliminating processed foods, sugar and white flour products.  Eat a lot of good quality protein, eat 5 smaller meals a day 3 hours apart, and always eat your breakfast.

3.  High Intensity Interval Training.

This is when the cardio workouts come into play.  The workouts in #1 are mostly going to be your metabolic resistance training workouts but you’re also going to want to be doing some HIIT workouts to lean out like an Olympic sprinter.  A research study found that doing HIIT was 900% more effective at burning fat then doing the standard steady-state boring cardio.  Another no brainer…

4.  Calculating Your Nutrient Needs.

This is something that a lot of newbies overlook and it’s unfortunate because it’s really getting them off to a bad start.  Everybody is different and their nutrition program should be adjusted to make sure that they’re getting in the right amount of nutrients to maximally burn fat.  Imagine two people, one is at around an 1600 resting metabolic rate (how many calories their body burns in a day) and the other person is at 2000.  If they both do the same diet plan and eat the same foods it’s going to be disastrous.  Take the time to figure out how much you’re supposed to be taking in.

5.  Fitness Assessments.

Another huge factor that a lot of people overlook is recording their progress.  I know it’s tempting to jump right into your fat blasting workouts but take the time to see where you are right now so you can compare the results in 6 weeks.  This will not only hold you more accountable but it’ll also keep you motivated to see that you lost 11 pounds and can do 10 more push-ups then you could 6 weeks ago.

In my Inner Circle I’m also requiring everybody to go through my Pre-Test Challenge where I’ll run them through the same assessment protocols that I run my own personal clients through every 6 weeks.

6.  Coaching and Goal Setting.

Everybody needs some motivation to keep fighting for their goals, I’m no different.  I have coaches too that push me outside my comfort zone so I can get to where I want to be.  Find a mentor or a committed workout partner that will encourage you to do the things you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do them.  Having this is a very critical part of success but unfortunately a lot of people try to do everything on their own with little results.

7.  FUN Beach Body Workouts.

I like doing some workouts where I’m just doing my “beach muscles.”  Meaning I like to workout my arms and my abs pretty hard.  I still do my main workouts but I also like having some fun and just doing arms every once in a while.  It’ll help keep things fresh and it’ll also help you blow past your sticking points faster…in my Inner Circle I also decided to throw in some of these Beach Body Workouts.

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  1. Scott Thom

    November 10, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. lizzie

    October 18, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    Hi there. I have to say that I’ve been subscribed to your newsletter for quite some time now, over six months I think. I’ve really enjoyed reading each article. I find your advice very practical and to the point. Low and behold I was surprised when I went to the gym last night to take a class that you happened to be teaching. It was interesting to put a face to all the newsletters. Your class description was vague to say the least. BLAST “Take your fitness to the next level.” Hmmm I thought this will be interesting. I’ve always been active. Ballet, kickboxing, mountain biking, road biking, jogging, step aerobics, you name it I’ve probably tried it. I went into your class not knowing what to expect. Well, I have to say I was humbled beyond belief and had my ass served to me on a silver platter. Your class was high energy, fast, paced, challenging, . . . and I would say fun if I didn’t have to suppress my gag reflex from wanting to throw up the whole time. Like nothing I’ve ever tried actually. Honestly there were a few times when I really wanted to just sucker punch you in the face for pushing me so hard, but when all was said and done. I felt great that I had made it through a class that I was proud to tell all my friends that I survived!! Really, I just wanted to thank you for the newsletters, the work out, and for a job well done. By the way I was the gal you offered a mat to towards the end of class I don’t think you heard me above the music but I said “Hey I’m as sweaty and dirty as I’m gonna get and my muscles already hurt so a mat won’t make a difference.” …but thanks for bringing me one anyway. Well, thanks again and keep up the good work!


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